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CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS NURSERY... is a nursery located in the New South Wales, Blue Mountains area which is 120km west of Sydney

Carroll's Country Gardens Nursery


Species Iris Group of North America

Scientifically speaking, it is family of plants which has existed for 60 to 100 million years. In the present day the family contains roughly 80 genera and 1500 species. They are found in almost every habitat and on almost every continent. (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

New Zealand Alpine Garden Society

If you love little alpine plants, and especially those of New Zealand, we’re the Society for you! (We like bulbs and woodland plants too!) (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

Iris Society of New South Wales

Membership Fees for membership to ISA. / NSW Region GPO Box 7196 Leura NSW 2780 (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

Iris Society Of Australia (ISA)

The Iris Society Of Australia (ISA) is the covering organisation for all the regional societies of Australia. To become a Member of the ISA, join your local regional society. Click here for information on the regional societies. (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

American Hemerocallis Society

Join the American Hemerocallis Society and receive The Daylily Journal. Four issues each year. The Journal is a colorful, informative magazine featuring pictures of new cultivars; how-to articles on care, feeding, and hybridizing; and news of upcoming AHS meetings and conventions.(PLEASE CLICK HERE)

NSW Camellia Research Society

Membership - includes monthly newsletter and seasonal journal. (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

Camellia Ark Australia Incorporated

Camellia Ark’s mission is to conserve, for Australian gardens, rare and endangered species and cultivars of the genus Camellia and other plants of the family Theaceae. (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

Australian Camellia  Society

Search Camellias Australia Articles and Website. (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

Mount Tomah Weather

Please see the Mount Tomah Weather before seeing us. Click Contact and leave message via e-mail our preferred means of communication. We are checking our internet all the time. Mobile reception is NOT good in most areas of Mount Tomah. We are out in the gardens most of the time. Thanks

Bilpin Garden Club

The Bilpin Garden Club Inc meets on the first Saturday of the month. Membership of the club costs $10 per year and is open to everyone, not just residents of Bilpin. Members receive a quarterly newsletter with garden notes and information about our meeting... (PLEASE CLICK HERE)

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