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 CRAIG CARROLL has been in the horticulture and nursery business for more than 30 years and is widely respected by his peers.


A true plants man, he has travelled widely on specimen gathering expeditions to China and Vietnam. Craig travelled with Chinese plant experts in 1991 and during the travel to China in 1991 he was successful in his search for the legendary giant rhododendron in Tengchong which is on the Burma border. When in the village Craig and his fellow enthusiast discovered the Michellia species and collected cuttings from it and across on the bank of the stream they found a wonderful iris species called Iris confusa. Craig collected the plant and brought it home to Australia and from this plant he crossed it on into Iris evansia 'Fairyland' was registered 12 October 1996 and named 'Tengchong Lace'.

Craig and Daphne Carroll planned for the opportunity to start a specialist cool climate plant nursery with a display garden. After searching for 3 years for the right location with the right climate, rainfall, temperature, water availability and quality type soil the right site for the nursery was acquired.

Craig and Daphne have been growing plants, hybridizing and naming camellias, azaleas, irises daylilies for many years. Craig, after receiving a catalogue from tempo Two in 1977, began hybridizing daylilies. The first parent plant Craig had was "Hua', which is yellow, and he crossed it with reds and pinks and produced some seedlings from them. Most of them flowered over the top of the plant like its parent 'Hua.'


CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS have had two good years of new seedlings from Guy Pierce and have done selections for the future introductions and hybridizing our own new ones. In the past years Craig has worked mainly with yellow diploids and ruffled reds tetraploids. Craig's knowledge and experience during the past more than 30 years has made him one of the leaders in quality and development of daylilies, irises, camellias, azaleas especially for those gardeners who are collectors and connoisseurs of daylilies, irises and camellias.


CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS is a specialist in growing the newest and finest bred of daylilies, irises, camellias, azaleas & michellias for the collector, connoisseur and hybridizer.

Craig Carroll China Plant Expedition 2012

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