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Shipping and Order Policy

Note: Please read before ordering.

UPDATED: 28 February 2023

Please NOTE that Fax  machine is no longer available. Send/forward all inquiries, substitutes about your orders by e-mail our preferred means of communication. We dig all orders during week-ends. If no circumstances we posted all cleared orders by one week after receiving it. Leave message in the answering machine or e-mail us. We are in the gardens most of the time and mobile phone is not available due to poor reception. If you want to send your orders by email save any of  these documents  in your file then from there edit your orders and send it in the email address provided if you wish to send payment by credit cards I can send you an invoice that you can pay it automatically through our invoice electronic system if you don't have PayPal account or choose the option in the checkout.







If you can NOT make check out through PayPal Cart. Please e-mail me and send your orders by using any of  the edit microsoft word or pdf documents  to be more quicker and edit from your save file and send it to me in my address provided and I'l send you an electronic invoice for any option that is convenient and easy for you to pay  if it's much easier for you to order manually just  scan  or print it and send it by post with your Cheque or Money Order.  Thanks a lot for support .



SHIPPING POLICY: Postage rates for shipping and handling is by overnight delivery.

Please note: Postage Rate may change anytime without any prior notice from the post office. Postage rates for Australian States, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory. For Tasmania and Western Australia we do not post plants. ONLY seeds





UPDATED: 28 February  2023


POSTAGE RATE to NSW, NT, SA, Queensland, and Victoria for all plants available for posting. 


PRICES RANGES All postage are Express Shipping

$13.95 AUD = $0.00 AUD-$10.99 AUD

$17.25 AUD = $11.00 AUD- $49.99 AUD

$22.10 AUD = $50.00 AUD- $99.99 AUD

$27.50 AUD = $100.00 AUD- $199.99 AUD

$50.00 AUD = $200.00 AUD- UP





We offered bonus/extras of our choice for all orders.

We give extras/bonus of our choice for orders of more than $199.99 and up to the value of your postage cost to cover the cost of our generosity.

NOTE: Don't have a Pay Pal account?

Use your credit card or bank account/debit card to pay (where available)


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