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Grows to 8-10 meters. Form with smaller five lobe glossy green leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn. Young growth is coppery red. Grow in Sun or light shade. Leaves palmately lobed, to 10cm (4 in) long and 15cm (6 in) across, with 5 to 7 tapper-pointed, untoothed lobes, heart-shaped at the base, bright green above, smooth on both side except for tuft of hairs in the vein axils beneath, turning clear yellow in autumn: leaf stalk with milky jiuce when cut, flowers small and yellow green, borne in upright clusters in late spring with young leaves. Fruits with spreading wings. to 4 cm (1 1/2 in) long. Shape upright 3-4 meters wide. Leaf persistence deciduous. Very rare tree. 5-7 years old. PICK- UP ONLY & Supplied in 200mm pots. STOCK AVAILABLE. (PLEASE PAY THIS ITEM AT THE NURSERY CASH ONLY) 

Acer cappadocicum subsp. sinicum

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