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(Stamile,P.) Tetraploid. 27"scape/high, 5 1/2"flower diameter. Early mid-season. Re-bloom. Evergreen. 7 way branching. 45-50 buds. Is an absolute beautiful pastel cream with pink. The dominant blush over the entire flower is green. This wash of pale citron green permeates both pink and cream. The flower is bold and extravagantly ruffled on the edges. Bud count and branching are extraordinary. Fantastic daylily and a must for every hybridizer wishing to explore green. Fertile in both ways.

H. 'Green Mystique'

  • NOTE: Due to quarantine requirements we do not shipped daylilies,  irises, trees, shrubs and perennials to Tasmania & West Australia and overseas. We shipped only  differents seeds to Tasmania, West Australia and overseas.

    Daylilies and Irises are posted to New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia  and Victoria only.   

    All daylilies and irises are posted & supplied bare-rooted.

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