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Polyspora longicarpa formerly Gordonia longicarpa

Gordonia longicarpa syn. Polyspora longicarpa

Theaceae family

We found growing in far North Vietnam at near a town called Sapa in April 1992 growing in a stream.

Gordonia longicarpa has creamy petals and bright yellow golden stamens’ looking like a Camellia.

The flowers have crinkled texture and can be 3” to 4” wide one of more than 30 species found in the province of Yunnan, China and Malaysia. G. longicarpa varies from shrub to large tree.

Prefer more acidic soil. Blooming late winter in the Blue Mountains. A very large tree or maintained shrub in the gardens shows an attractive winter blooms

In the Blue Mountains’ it grows to 15 feet high. A very rare plant for Camellia collectors’

Polyspora longicarpa formerly Gordonia longicarpa

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