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Get Your BARGAIN Latest daylily hybrids

NOTE: $5.00 each buy 7 plants for only $3.55 each

(Please note this is random selection by sellers’ choice only strictly NOT FOR BUYERS. Daylilies are not marked. Photos are just guide only; you’ll be buying in any of the daylilies shown in the photos. Thanks

5 DAYLILIES FOR ONE LOT OF $25.00 + 2 Bonus

Plus Including Postage & Packing $14.80 3kg Express post parcel satchel. Post any where in Australia except West Australia & Tasmania due to QUARANTINE RESTRICTIONS

Postage is only $14.80 from 7 plants up to 21 plants please e-mail me to save postage or if you have any inquiries. If you want an invoice from paypal for automatic payment for orders more than one lot please click e-mail for clarification.




Daylilies belong to the genus Hemerocallis are in the liliaceae family and are related to the lily plant but only they do not form the true bulb of the true Lilium genus and other genus and its species .The fact that they do not form a bulb does not in any way reduce the wonders and beauty of these high quality perfect perennial for your garden. Beautiful, hardy, and easy to grow, and flowers for 4 to 6 months every year.

The individual daylily flower lasts only one day. However a single plant may produce over 50 flowers. This large number of flowers can extend the blooming period of a plant for several weeks and months.

They're hardy, adapt well to various conditions, have beautiful flowers. Gorgeous, and survivors-perfect plants for both the connoisseur and the weekend warrior and are easy to grow, WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR IN A PERENNIAL? NOTE: Daylily plants listed on in our website are available anytime of the year, & depending on the varieties listed on eBay. We recommend that if you received daylilies during summer pot them first in 175mm ( 6") pot. Then transplant them to the ground starting autumn until the end of winter. Daylilies can be lifted in our garden anytime of the year even summer as we have only 2 or 3 times having temperature of 35 degree centigrade. Plants are carefully packed to reach destination in perfect condition. If something wrong with the plants please let us know immediately.


(Unnamed seedlings)

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