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CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS...  is a garden located in the New South Wales, Blue Mountains area which is 120km west of Sydney. The garden is situated at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level with substantial rainfall higher than most areas of the adjoining coastal plain. We are fortunate to grow all our plants in rich basalt soil which is ideal for daylilies as their growth is very strong with very clear color because of this. We pride ourselves on being growers of cool climate plants such as: camellias, daylilies, irises, Australian cold hardy native plants, perennials, cottage and rockery plants. We also specialize in hybridizing camellias, azaleas, daylilies and irises which are best suited for the Australian climate.


Our Plants


All CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS plants are grown in an open environment and thrive with the westerly winds, frost and snow and a winter temperature of -5 degree centigrade Celsius and with a hot summer which can reach a temperature of 35 degree centigrade Celsius. CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS grow a selection of daylilies, iris and its species, cold hardy Australian native plants, camellias, perennials, cottage and rockery plants which are best suited for different Australian climates. Most of these perennials will easily thrive in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales regions.


For those who are receiving our plants for the first time, CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS being a specialist grower offers the many of the above listed variety of plants that are not normally found in the mainstream garden centres. Our plants (as listed) include a choice of plants suitable for a variety of different situations, areas including woodland garden, sunny, semi-shaded spots damp and dry places.


NB: CARROLL'S COUNTRY GARDENS wishes to advise that due to our climate and environmental differences here in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales some plants may responds successfully and grow differently in your garden to what we have in our garden.  Some plants including daylilies and perennials are dormant  or semi-evergreen while it will be evergreen in warmer regions like Sydney. We recommend to gardeners that the best time to place your plants to your garden for quick development of the roots is during the dormancy of the plant this applies also the best period to transport deciduous plants.


All Daylilies & Irises are established, supplied & posted bare-rooted stocks.



NOTE: Due to quarantine requirements we do not shipped (plants) daylilies, irises, trees, shrubs and perennials to Tasmania & West Australia and Overseas. We shipped only  seeds to Tasmania, West Australia and Overseas.
All daylilies and Irises are posted & supplied bare-rooted (NOT IN POTS). Daylilies, irises, trees, shrubs and perennials  are posted to New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia  and Victoria only.

ABN 29 270 664 846


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